Monday, February 23, 2009

Spin data

Decided to stick the Heart Monitor on for tonight's spinning class as I was curious as to how hard I was pushing myself during the session. Turns out, not that much.

I had expected to see my HR up in the 160's all right, but peaking in the 170's or 180's, but that was not the case. I kind of felt myself that I was not pushing myself to the limit either. Will just increase the resistance on the bike for next week I guess. On the plus, I was in excess of 150 bpm's for 40 minutes, so that's probably a good thing.

Got the dates wrong for the Newbridge race, its Sunday week, so an extra 7 days to prepare. I'm going to use the lake drive as a test run over the weekend. Its 50km's and has lots of kicker climbs. Will push it hard the whole way and see what kind of time I do it in. My record for the loop is 1:35:46 back in July last year.

So, weeks training is being re-jigged a little. I'll take tomorrow off (but would love to spin into work), Wednesday will be intervals, Thursday and Friday will be the spin to work. Saturday and Sunday will be a long mtb spin and short, fast road spin, or visa versa.

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