Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekly wrap up

So, it started as usual with spinning on Monday - it was not too hard, as I mentioned in a previous post, its time to start cranking up the resistance on the bike.

Tuesday I took off, and Wednesday I was supposed to head out for interval training, but got stuck in work so it was another day off.

Thursday was a spin into and out of work - great tail wind on the way in, horrible head wind on the way home. Over 10 minutes difference in times!

Friday I cycled into work, but and emergency at home meant I had to skip the trip back.

Saturday, myself and Gene did the Wicklow Gap/Sally Gap spin. Just a touch under 100km's with 760 metres of climbing. T'was a nice spin - it was more getting a couple of nice climbs in than breaking any land speed records - as you can see from the heart rate graph:And today I was out for an hour in Glending for a blast on the new bike - very impressed, but I'll stick a separate post up on that. I just concentrated on keeping the heart rate as high as possible. It averaged out to be around 150 bpm for the spin. Looking at some of the races last year, my averages were in the region of 160, so a bit to go yet. With the first MTB race in 3 weeks, I'll be concentrating on longer (about 2 hour) spins with the heart rate as high as possible - the road spins will be taking a back seat from now on.

Looking at the year so far - well the weather has not helped. January had been pretty frosty, so it kept me off the road bike a lot. Over the course of the month I only managed 445 kms. February got worse with the snow, but managed to make up for that in the last 2 weeks, getting to 662km's. My goal was to be closer to about 800km's a month, but apart from going to Spain for winter training, you just have to suck it up.

The Newbridge road race is happening next Sunday, and I'm looking forward to that. I expect it to be full on for the 80-odd mins it'll take to complete the 48 km's, but I'll take it handy as don't want to end up getting hurt right before the race season starts!

This week will be a little different. Monday will be the spinning class, Tuesday may be the work spin, but the weather is looking bad. Wednesday will be interval training with the club possibly, and that will be it. I'll just take it easy in the build up to the race.

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