Saturday, February 27, 2010

Training log

Training log is.... empty!

Nothing done this week at all - got physio on the IT band on Tuesday and was asked to stay off the bike for a bit (not too hard considering the weather we're having). So, I've basically just been eating and doing DIY.

Yesterday I had a second Physio session. Things are definitely improving but Eoin is not keen on me going back out too early. I did go out today though - about an hour at a very easy pace around
the flatlands of Naas and Newbridge. The first 30 minutes the leg did not feel that good, but on the way back in it was improving. New cleat position also means that there is less pressure on the band.

I did feel pretty slow though, and I was getting out of breath very easily. I guess thats what 2 weeks off the bike will do to you. But the plan is for a couple hours tomorrow at an easy pace in the morning, then the commute into work on Monday. Eoin also suggested skipping spinning for this week. So the plan will probably be to just do some commuting into work and seeing how it feels. I still want to do the Mick Lally memorial race next Saturday, but I do want to be able to keep up with the main group, so we'll see how the week goes.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Training log

Monday - Was still a bit sore after Saturdays spin, but the long route into work loosened everything up - freezing cold again. Getting into attacking the Slade climb... now I'm not coming to a complete standstill on it.
Tuesday - Spinning class. Paul kept pushing the resistance up all through the session. Was hard, but not brutally so. IT band very tender after it. And stayed that way for the rest of the day.
Wednesday - IT band definitely inflamed. Its very tender/sore standing, sitting... you name it. Stretching ain't helping. Still, went out with Gene for a handy spin around Glending. I timed him doing intervals. Booked physio for next Tuesday and will stay off the bike for a few days.... arrragh!
Thursday - Plenty of Ibuprofen and anti-inflammatory gels - leg still sore.
Friday - Same as Thursday, but IT band definitely getting better. Did some gently stretching. Also talking with Oisin and did some research on causes. It looking like cleat position. My left leg points out but even with the float in the cleat, its not enough. So did some adjusting. Also noticed the cleat was positioned WAY too far forward. Grand if you are a high-cadence, toe-down type of pedaler but I'm the opposite. So fixed that too. That should make a huge difference in getting the power down.
Saturday - 3rd day off the bikes - getting the jitters...maybe I might go for a tootle around the town... better not. Got stuff to do in the garden and the car is going in for the NCT. Tomorrow on the other hand....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Training log

Monday - Cycled into work via Slade, but this time I went around the far side! Once I got to the top I hung a right and descended down to the N81 before taking another left and climbing back up the other side on the road where we used to park up for Slade spins.
It added some more time onto the spin and enough climbing to make it worth while.
Tuesday - Spin class. Not sure what was up but did not get the HR rate up as high as last week. T'was ok. Paul had us doing squats on the bike - truly the most painful thing you'll ever have to do.
Wednesday - Freezing cold. Would have gone on a road spin with Gene, but could not face it.
Thursday - Cycled into work straight. Sooo cold and I definitely did not have enough insulation in the basement (as Shane Stokes might say). The pain was out of this world. Lesson Learned.
Friday - had fancied the idea of a bigger spin into work via the Blessington lake, but a few things came up and I had to drive into work. I was not that disappointed - cycling around those back roads in the dark is probably not the smartest thing to be doing (but might try on Monday morning all the same).
Saturday - 4 hour super savage spin with @OisinBoydell. Starting near GOD, hit Djouce, Maulin, around the back of Ballinastoe, and then Downshill for good measure.

All was good till I broke another hanger. Thats 2 in 7 days. Up until last Saturday, in 4 years of mountain biking I've never broken one...

Oisin had his Pronghorn out. It took everything Oisin threw at it in its stride. Great on the climbs and sure footed descending (mind you Oisin may have had a part to play in that). I had some issues getting the brakes the way I like'em, but thats all sorted now so I should be out on it next week.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

National CX champs 2010

Some video of the champs held in Dublin last week - looks like fun. Ragin' I couldn't get involved this year.

Friday, February 5, 2010

MTB Development squads

Cycling Ireland’s High Performance Unit will work with the MTB Commission and MTB managers and coaches to identify and establish development MTB squads in XC and DH during the spring of 2010.

Wish I was... er 20 years younger! More info here.

Training log

Monday - tried the Time Crunched Cyclists field test. 2 X 8 minute sprints and you use the higher of the 2 average heart rates to use in your training plan. Did them on the turbo trainer. Result? I really don't go very fast on the TT. These are the types of tests you need to do on the bike outside I think. You always push yourself that bit harder. So instead of using the values from the field test, I pulled out an average from the races I did last year, which was significantly higher. While doing that, I also realized that for training, I just need to make sure that my training is pushing me as hard, or harder than I would go in a race - I'm a freakin' genius. Not that I'm putting down Chris Carmichael (some of the drills will be used), but after a while, you just start to know what you have do.
Tuesday - Spinning! Yay... er I mean ouch. Forgot how bloody hard they are, and more specifically Paul pushes you. As I mentioned in posts from last year, there's no hiding place, if he spots you are not in pain, he cranks up the resistance and shouts at you a bit... well worth the money. :)
Wednesday - Glending with Gene. Managed about 45mins of solid effort. The trails are in a bad way - I've never had the front wheel wash out so much. Did about 30 mins hard on the trails before giving up on them. After that it was 10 on intervals, which ain't getting easier (and unlike LeMond claims, I don't think I'm getting any faster).
Thursday - Is my scheduled rest day (or Friday, depends on my mood), so I did my commute to work via Slade :) . Mainly because I did not count Monday as training. After 10 mins warm up, I pushed it pretty hard. Felt it in the legs during the day. Tapped home the usual way.
Friday - Felt tired today, so didn't rest and instead commuted into work nice and easy. Have a sore throat, but hopefully it won't get any worse.
Saturday - Won't be out with Oisin tomorrow as he is not feeling the best. As long as the sore throat does not get any worse I'll head up early to Ticknock and do the same route as last week.
Then home to wash some bikes and sleep. I'm defo not doing a tap on Sunday (apart from eating). Though I might try to bleed the Pronghorn's brakes - still too soft for my liking.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Firesales and Demo bikes

Pronghorn racing have updated their website with two new sections - Fire sale and demo bikes.
Some tasty bargains in the fire sale - a set of Magura Martha SL's for €296 or an ex demo DT Swiss EXC150 for €295. Also a few nice ex-demo wheel sets...

Some very nice ex-demo bikes for sale also. Race hard tail and full suss - carbon and alloy.

If nothing takes your fancy now, keep checking out the site over the summer - word is there will be plenty more great deals to come