Friday, February 20, 2009

Weekly update

The weather has been pretty good all week - dry mostly, some sun and mild. Perfect for cycling.

I had a rest on Tuesday, needed it after the Sundays big spin and Monday Spinning. Wednesday I cycled into work - it’s a 40+km round trip with one short, sharp climb. Thursday I woke up shattered - I must have had a really bad sleep to an extent that Red Bull was required to keep me functioning in work. I got to bed early on Thursday night and work up this morning back to normal. So I did the spin to work again, in the sun!

Tomorrow I'm on a longish road spin (100km +) in Wicklow with Paul, and Sunday is a blast on the mountain bike - first time in weeks so really looking forward to it.

The Cube's rear wheel will be ready tomorrow, so it'll be back in action, but I might bring out the XTC on Sunday and give it a go up on 3 rock.

So everything is going well training wise I think. The spinning class is a great anaerobic session, and our Wednesday night spins have changed to interval training. That combined with my spin to work a couple of times a week and 1 long weekend road spin it’s all starting to make an impact I think. But I need watch out for a couple of things:
  • Weight - I've dropped from 80kgs to 77kgs since xmas. I had initially thought I'd go to 75, but I'm not sure if it’s the right thing to do. While I might be a whippet on the bike, I'd probably be spending most of my time in bed recovering from every cold and flu that's going. Losing too much weight would impact the immune system.
  • Food - Tied into the weight problem. I need to be sure I'm eating the right food, and more importantly in the right amounts. I do have a very healthy diet, I'm just not sure if I'm eating too much or too little of various food stuffs. Something to work on I guess.
  • Sleep – I’m a crap sleeper – takes ages to nod off. And with so much cycling happening, I need lots of sleep to recover after each session.

So, plenty of stuff to keep thinking about. And the first race 4 weeks away!


Conor said...

If you want my opinion, sleep is the best thing you can get. Cut your day short by half an hour, and hit the sack early. A glass of wine helps to nod off!

Leave your weight alone, it'll find it own level. Burning the candle at both ends leaves you with no energy for anythink, let alone cycling. I'm trying to put on weight, and find it nearly imposible!

Unknown said...

Yeah, the only problem with your sleeping aide is I can't stop with one glass of wine!

I agree on the weight, I picked the target weight out of fresh air. To be honest I'm happy with my weight right now, so won't be starving myself (love food too much).