Thursday, February 5, 2009

Training update

Its not been a great week training-wise. I've had a cold/sinus infection for almost a week now. I've got some drugs from the doctor, but they are not helping me out that much. The worse part is that I'm getting crappy sleep, so I'm tired all day. Today I stayed at home as I had a dodgy stomach also. The up side is that with the weather so bad, I'm not missing out that much.

I should be picking up the new bike tomorrow from the Cycle Superstore. While I'm at it I'll be dropping in the rear wheel off the Cube as the freehub is coming loose.

Not sure about the weekend. The cold snap is due stay into next week. Road spins seem to be out. If I'm feeling ok I might chance a quick spin up to 3 rock on Saturday, but we'll see. Otherwise, its the turbo trainer, which is really beginning to pay for itself now :)

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