Monday, February 16, 2009

Monday pain

I was hurting a bit after the spin yesterday and really could have done with a rest today, but after paying up for the spin sessions, I was going to put myself through it.

Oddly enough it did not hurt as much as last week, but I put that down to the instructor not keeping as close an eye on me (and my resistance setting) this week which allowed for some sneaky 'modifications'. I did sweat buckets, so that must mean something. Lesson learned though - with the exception of a couple of road races in the next few weeks, I'm moving all my big road/mtb spins to Saturday, leaving Sunday to relax, or get in some nice techie stuff on the mountain bike or easy road spins.

Was planning on cycling to work tomorrow, but I need a break. The forecast is looking ok for the rest of the week, so will do the work spin on Wednesday. Thursday I'll drop in to the gym on the off chance of a bike being free for a spinning class, and Friday will be the spin into work again. Weather permitting Saturday will be a road spin, and Sunday a MTB spin. Feck - the whole weeks training is planned, and its only Monday!

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