Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2013's first post

Wow, where did 7 months go?  Last post up here was the report on the marathon champs in September.  So what have I been up to since then?  Well, to summarise - not much up until January of this year when I got off my lard arse and had a very painful month training to get back into shape.  My biggest problem was always going to be to set a target/goal which would give me something to focus on.  Unfortunately I'd plenty of distractions for the first couple of months, and did not commit to anything for various reasons.

I have taken a different approach to training this year and I'll write up more on that later.  I've also been looking at what I eat and how much of it also (more on that later too).

So thats left me with a few months of training, but not a single road or XC race done, or lined up anytime soon.  I can't make the first 2 rounds of the NPS, so that means a decent final result will be difficult.  I've not even managed a road race due to weather or other commitments.
I am getting a plan together though!  I can't make NPS round 1 in Cong, but hope to get to Stamullen on Sunday for a brute of a race.  The 'Visit Nenagh' challenge the following weekend looks like a good one.

Some more roadie stuff on the weekend of the 28th with the Waller cup in Bohermeen (if I can make it), before the Mondello series kicks off the following Tuesday.

I've holidays out wesht for the first week in May, so if anything good is happening out there, I'll sign up. Then (wait for it), and XC race on the 12th of May!!!! My first in 8 months!

You may have gathered by the plan above I'm gone all roadie. Well, I'd like to think I'm gone more racer... Road/XC - when you end up with 2 demanding kids and a busy job, you'll realise time is of the essence. And while I loved my time out on the social spins with MAD 5 or 6 years ago, if I want to satisfy my need to be able to race, I have to make the most use of my limited time.

Anyway, thats a plan to get me to early summer and the XC season proper. I will definetly be out for the XC and marathon champs and for a road goal, to get bumped up to A2 would be amazing, but we'll see.

Anyway, thats the plan, we'll see how it goes. Stay tuned.