Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2012... setback number 1

Got some weird head cold / sinus thing.  Has totally flattened me since last Friday.  And things were going okish too.

Had a few good spins on the road.  Tried to keep the pace high and stay on top of the gears.  The times were nothing to write home about, but it was a good start.  I also managed a couple of hours on the mountain bike (wheels holding up nicely - could turn out to be the bargain of the year!)  I'd not started on the Turbo trainer, but was planning on doing a bit this week.

Then Aidan starting coughing...a lot.  After about 3 days I started to get a head cold.  Tied in with 4 nights on the trot with a combined total of 15 hours sleep, things went from bad to worse.  I got the first symptoms last Thursday afternoon, but cycled into work on Friday as I was only hurting above the neck, but by Saturday/Sunday was in bits.  I had to just go to bed early.  But despite getting about 8 hours sleep over the past 2 nights I wake up feeling like I've not slept at all.

I don't think I can do much more than put the feet up and take it easy (well as much as you can with 2 kids).  I won't be stressing about not hitting my training plan that's for sure :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

FOR SALE - 2011 KTM Myroon Prestige

I’m selling my 2011 KTM hardtail XC bike. Its got approximately 14 hours riding on it since I got it in July. The bike is as new with the exception of a couple of cosmetic scratches (all highlighted in the video below). Its a truly pro XC race bike decked out from front to back in top end kit and coming in at 9kgs with pedals, there’s no excuses!
I used the bike in a couple of rounds of the Irish NPS series, the Bull Raid and Bontrager 24/12. The 2011 KTM catalogue can be found here - Pics and a video of the bike below also.
I’m based in Ireland but in my mind the bike is well worth a trip over if you wanted to try before you buy.
KTM Myroon Prestige (19" medium)
Original factory spec:
-DTSwiss XRC Single Shot Race 100mm forks with remote lockout
-Full 2011 XTR Groupset 2x10
-DTSwiss XM1550 wheelset
-Ritchey carbon finishing kit
-Schwalbe Rocket Ron tubeless tyres
Size: 48cm/19"
Seat tube length: 480
Top tube length: 587
Seat angle: 72
Head angle: 70
Head tube length: 150
Chainstay length: 430
WheelbaseL 1070
Looking for £2200 (€2700). The original list price £4780 (€5700)
More Pic's of bike here

I can be contacted via Facebook just search Richie Close

2012 Weeks 1 and 2

Despite all the distractions I've managed to be fairly productive so far in 2012.  Starting off was a first... the climb up to Turlough hill.  I've never been up there before and chose a particularly crappy day for my first attempt - a gale and freezing conditions.  But was good to try it out once, and I'll  be back.

I've also managed to get a couple of spins into work and my first Wednesday night Naas spin last week, so that if I can get those 3 spins going regularly, I'd be happy enough.

I got myself a new set of wheels for the Cube (well overdue), so plan on getting out a little more on that.  I've only done a couple of spins so far and a big one up in Hollywood.  Plan on doing something tomorrow around Seehan.
my new wheels (yes taking a chance, but great price for tubeless)

My Tacx Swing Turbo trainer has finally bit the dust - not that I was using it much, but a few months in the shed seemed to have got it a little rusty and the resistance part is... well not putting up much resistance.  So I got a Cycleops fluid trainer during the week.  The plan would be to use it if the weather turns bad, but also get on it at least once a week for a sneaky 45min session if all the kids are asleep.  Well I can dream :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy new year!


Been keeping a very low profile over the past 4 months. Work has been very busy and with the arrival of baby number 2, there's not been much time for anything else - certainly not cycling!

The biggest disappointment this year was not managing to do the Cooley Thriller and National Marathon champs, but even heading out on social spins and even cycling to work have been sorely missed.

The plans for 2012 are a little hazy right now.  I've put a training plan together for the first couple of months and will see how that goes.  I hope things ease up in work enough to get commuting again, after that it'll be trying to make the most of any time I've free.  There's going to be plenty of racing next year, but I only plan on doing XC racing relatively close to home.  I'll do a few road races also if they are local.  But with no bike for the Gravity Enduro or funds/time for the races that take up a whole day, the first half of the year could be quite enough.

I'd like to do the Mountain Bike Challenge in Lough Derg, but again its about figuring out if I've the time to take 2 days away from the family or can bring them along with me.

The marathon bike series looks great and is on later in the year which will suit be better.  I think 2 of the rounds will be the Cooley Thriller and the National Marathon Champs so a couple more would make that a great event.

Not sure about Bontrager this year.... its not looking good especially as Oisin will have a 4 month old baby to keep him busy too, so we'll just play that by ear.

So, I'm not giving up on the biking, but it'll be more a case of picking and choosing what to do.