Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Update, the lost months

Feck, 2 months since I last wrote a post. I guess its a sign that I've not been doing much racing/training. And thats the case. After Belurgan, I had plans for attending the rest of the NPS races, but between one thing and another I managed to miss them all. Work was very busy so I just cycled into work when I could, but that was about it. I was on holidays in June so used that as an opportunity to get back onto the bike. So there was plenty of spins on the road for the rest of June up to now, but no Mountain biking as the Cube has had problems I've only just sorted tonight.

I did get out to Mondello for an open race last week. I did better than in the past and hung on to the lead chasing group to about 50 minutes before blowing up in style. I was a good workout though.

I've not been training, just going out on spins at a decent pace, so pretty unstructured. I have decided to have a good at the national champs in July, as need something to target and focus on, but with only a couple of weeks to go, I don't hold out much hope for any amazing results, but it should be a fun day out (weather permitting!).

The only other target I have for the year is the Marathon champs in late August and then have some fun at the Cooley Thriller and Bull Raid with Oisin. There may be one more road race also in Dunlavin, but its time permitting again. As for the winter and 2013.... really not sure what to do. CX is a nice idea, but it would be good to get a decent race bike beforehand... so we'll see. I'm very limited time-wise these days so 2013 could be a quite one, but we'll just play it by ear.