Monday, February 9, 2009

Busy Monday

New Bike has arrived - here it is (excuse the poor pictures). Just got the pedals on tonight, need to get the Garmin stuff on during the week. Its really nice - its pretty much the same bike as the 07 version I have (had - its going on Thursday), just the saddle and tyres are different. Looking forward to getting it out on the roads once Spring arrives.
Next, had my first spinning class tonight. All I can say is its 45 mins of pain! About halfway through I started getting flashbacks of the pain from races last year, and that 'why the f*ck am I putting myself through this for?' sprung into my head. And that's exactly what I needed. Everything I've done so far on the anaerobic side has not come close to this, so I'm going to book in for a second session a week for the next few weeks. I can highly recommend pureclass sessions, but if you are not out near citywest or are twiddling your thumbs waiting for the weather to improve, go to your nearest gym and find the spinning instructor. If you explain to him/her what you want to do, they will be able to tell you if their sessions suit. I'm pretty sure there are lots of handy spinning classes, but Paul does not let you away with anything, to the extent he goes around and adjusts the resistance on your bike if he thinks you're dossing or could take more pain!

Needless to say I was dossing, but by the end I was in a lot of pain. What surprised me was it seemed like everyone else at the session looked quite ok after it - a long way to go I think. However, the usual buzz kicked in shortly afterwards, just like the pre-race kind :)


Anonymous said...

One thing I found that eliminates some of the pain from indoor cycling is a virtual ride dvd, like the ones from Global Ride. They sort of distract you from the fact you're going through a beastly workout. I finish them soaked to my bones but enjoy it the whole time because it's a different type of experience. Give it a look.

Unknown said...

Hmmm, would probably need to play it on a big ass tv to distract me...