Saturday, February 21, 2009

Race next week - bugger!

Yeah, keep forgetting the years first race is next Sunday - OK, its on the road, but its still racing. My main goal for it is to not get hurt (close racing with a large group of riders will be hairy as its not something I've done much of). If I manage that, my next goal is to keep up with the S3 riders as best I can. After that everything else is a bonus.Today I did a 100km + road spin around Laragh and Sally Gap. The weather was perfect apart from the gale-like head wind at the Sally Gap.

Feeling pretty tired now, but plan on getting out on the mountain bike tomorrow for a couple of hours. The Cubes rear wheel is not fixed, so the plan was to wheel out the XTC. However the brakes need to be bled, so I've just robbed its back wheel and stuck it on the Cube.
Next week will be a busy one again. Monday Spinning, Tuesday I might spin into work, Wednesday is night spin (intervals and the like). With the race on Sunday I might do much more after that for the week, but I might chance another spin to work on Thursday - I'll see.

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