Friday, February 13, 2009

Hello Spring

Well, at least the snow is mostly gone. The trails are still unridable though. That means road spins for the near future.

Felt like a quite week training-wise, but was doing something every second day. Monday was the spinning, Wednesday was hard Turbo Training session (did not bother with intervals, just went at it at a medium resistance for about 45 mins). Today I did the commute in and out of work, so that was 46-odd km's at a decent enough pace.

Tomorrow I've stuff on, but if I get up early enough I'll take the new bike on its maiden spin around the lake. Sunday will be a long one - defo 100+ km's. Ideally through Wicklow, but I'm not sure about the conditions out there so will play it by ear.

Then its back to spinning on Monday. In a sick way, I'm actually looking forward to the pain!

Paul picked up my old Giant on last night - sad to see it go, but relieved I've an equal amount of mountain bikes to road bikes again :)

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