Friday, October 3, 2008

Exposure Joystick Maxx

I've been looking for a replacement for my Light and Motion Solo for the past couple of months - something light, not too expensive and easy to fit and remove from my helmet. After some research I plumped for the Exposure Joystick Maxx. The next problem was finding somewhere that actually had them in stock! Both CRC and Wiggle had on their sites you'd be waiting at least a month for them. So I went with Wiggle as they only had a wait time till mid-October. So I was ove the moon when it arrived this week!
So, first off it comes in a really nice case, with each component fitted snugly into the sponge inlay. The next thing you notice is how small the light is - literally the size of a whiteboard marker! OK, it's a little heavier, but not nothing to write home about. The helmet fitting is very simple - a hard plastic half loop which you snap the light into.

Once fitted I was up in Glending with the exposure on the helmet and the MiNewt on the bars (totally blown away by the exposure). It gives off a crisp white light and good spread, which works well at a moderate speed. I certainly had no problems seeing anything anyways, but when Gene was in front with the Light and Motion he could not see a thing because of the shadow which the joystick created! Its got a 4 hour charge and you get 3 hours run time on Max settings. But the best thing about the light is its size and lack of wires! Its so much less hassle not having to worry about where to put the battery or having the annoyance of wires trailing all over the place. Overall a great light for the price (€180). I would definitely look at the Maxx or Maxx D when I decide to upgrade the MiNewt!

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