Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday spin

Short and sweet. 1 hour long and 35kms done! There was a very strong wind which was a dream on your back - tapping along at 50kph without any effort on the flat, and hell when it became a headwind. But it was good to get it in. It was an extended loop around Naas which brought me half way up Saggart hill before hanging a right back towards Eadestown.

My left hamstring feels a bit tight right now. Its been a bit off since Thursday and the intervals. I stupidly did the first one without warming up, so my own fault. Its not a big deal and should be back on track in the coming few days.

Starting to get the head into serious training mode now. I plan on kicking things of around mid-November. The first couple of weeks will be handy enough (one 100+km road spin, two 30km speed sessions and a couple of 2 hour off road sessions a week, but December and Jan will be full on, and I'll be watching my diet this time.

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