Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back on the saddle again

Been a few weeks since the last entry - mainly because work and 2 weeks holiday. Brought the Giant and Cube on the holiday but only really used them for the first week. After that, drink and food became the priority! And I feel the better for it. OK, I'm a few pounds heavier, but its the off season now, so going to enjoy myself before the MAD training program kicks off in November.

That's not to say I'm going to be slouching around for the next 6 weeks. There will be the savage mtb or road spins at the weekend, along with a few mtb night spins up in Glending or 3 Rock. But it'll be a little less intense. I did consider cyclocross briefly, but decided, to keep the road bikes on the road :)

Today was National Trails day and MAD was hosting a mountian bike session for people new to the sport. There was a great turn out - approximately 60 riders along with 30 from MAD, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Hopefully we'll get a few of them out to our Autumn beginners course kicking off next weekend.

So the plan for the week is: Trail building Monday, Glending on Tuesday (with my Exposure Joystick MAXX - more on that later), and Thursday Glending.

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