Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend roundup

Busy weekend all round...

Saturday myself and Gene did the Blessington Lake loop. We did not do it in lightening fast time, but was still respectable. The weather was super, and I was half tempted to do a second loop when we got to Blessington - but heavy traffic distracted me so ended up back in Naas before I knew it. We took an hours break and heading out on the mountain bikes to Glending. Its still fairly schlompy on the switchback descent so we focused on the boulder run, while trying to avoid motocross bikes. Decided that untill we get 4-5 days of dry weather, there's no point in trying the descent, so we'll still with doing fast loops around the boulder section.

Sunday up bright and early to help out with the MAD beginners spin being held up in Ticknock. It was good fun - the guys n' gals I was leading we up for anything so we took the hardest route up and then attacked rock n' roll, some downhill stuff and the old club course. Again, the weather was perfect, but the ground was a little dodgy under wheel.

I also fitted my new ODI Rouge grips, which are super. All in all a great weekend of biking!

Next week is a bit scketchy. The weather is mixed, so might try a night spin or 2 in Glending, and possibly a road spin on Friday evening.

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