Thursday, October 23, 2008

Night spinning

Good spin in Glending last night. The trails had dried out a treat so were only a bit soggy :) . It was cool but not cold and not a breath of wind - perfect. Got a few fast laps in, but because we started later than usual (8pm) we had to head home with an urge for a few more laps. Still, an hour of moving time was better than nothing. Today is rotten - wind and rain, so the trails will probably be off limits until middle of next week.

There's been an increase in motocrossers up there in the past month or so, and in the last couple of weeks the damage they've done is very noticeable. To such an extent the land owners have blocked up the entrances with large stakes so only walkers (and bikers!) can now access. Now I don't want to start any aggro :) and I'm not saying that mountain biking is a perfect example of a leave no trace activity, but it’s a damn site better than MX. Also, the chances of us hitting a walker are much slimmer. But I'm sure once the damage the MX'rs caused has disappeared people will see the tyre tracks we're leaving, then that'll be the end of that.

My new Blackburn rear light arrived today. Its pretty damn bright (1 watt ultra bright led), so I'll feel a lot better on the road spins at night.

Tomorrow is looking ok weather wise, so big road spin on the cards. Still not 100% sure of the route. could head to Enniskerry and on towards Roundwood / Laragh, but might just do the Wicklow 200 route, so turning right outside Enniskerry, up to Glencee, hang a left over Kippure, left at the Sally Gap and over Luggla then into Roundwood, Laragh, Wicklow Gap and finally onto Blessington and Naas. To be safe I'm going to check how long that section took in the Wicklow 200 - don't want to get caught out in the dark. If its too long, I'll just do a spin over Cruagh, Glencree, Sally Gap, Laragh, Wicklow gap etc.

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