Friday, October 17, 2008

Week round up

Not a lot really - eating and drinking too much, but I don't mind :)

Wednesday was a pretty unfulfilling trip to Glending. Its like a bloody big sponge up there. Even the sections which are normally not as wet were soaking. We stuck to a short loop of the dry sections, but after a couple of laps they were getting cut up. So we've decided that there will be no trips to Glending unless we've had 3-4 days of good dry weather. We did less than an hour, but it as ridiculously technical due to the mud n' schlomp.

Thursday night was a bit more fun on the road bikes. Did about 35kms at an average 30km/hr. That's no great shakes, but we stopped a few times. We did 4 or 5 intervals where we pushed for 60 seconds. These coincided with any hills we came across. It was good fun and found the legs going to jelly towards the end, which I've not felt in a while. Its a great feeling to push to almost the limit, and when your brain and lungs are telling to to ease off, you get in 4 or 5 big stomps on the pedals :). We were out for about an hour in total.

The weekend will be busy. Myself and Gene plan on doing a session on the road tonight, Saturday will be Djouce, and Sunday I'll be up at the crack of dawn for a spin around Wicklow (may just be around Blessington lake, but might try further afield).

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