Saturday, October 18, 2008

Blessed :)

Great spin today out in Djouce. The trails were in perfect condition, and the weather was cool and dry. Myself and Conor arrived early and got in half a loop of the NPS course. The rest of the group arrived at 10 and we belted around the best trails for the next couple of hours. Even managed a cup of tea and cake down at the water fall.

After the beginners course finished some of us headed out again, XTC, Benchcut (best ever run - only one dab!), and up to GC which was super. After that it was back up to the cars. Great day all in all.

After I got home I unpacked the car, only to NOT find my Garmin. I went through all the bike gear and then the car, but no sign. I was convinced I left it on the boot, or the bike rack when I was packing up, and it fell off on the way home. I was gutted, but decided it might be worth the drive back (40kms or so) on the off chance it was still in the car park. So I got the bike off the rack and stuck it in the back garden. As I was walking out, this is what I saw on the bonnet.
Yes, it was the Garmin sitting between the top of the bonnet and wiper! I could not believe it! It had managed to stay in there the whole trip home. And I drove back via the Sally Gap - not exactly a smooth ride...

Blessed I tells ya!


shane said...

and you once felt it on the bike swinging off the back of your jeep a while back

Unknown said...

oh yeah - has to be the jammiest Garmin in Ireland :)