Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mid weeks goings on

Monday did the 35km road sprint-thing around Naas. Actually, it was not a sprint , just a good pace. Just did 2 intervals - one of which took a good minute to get my breathing back to normal - must do more of those.

Last night my plan was to get the BeOne on the turbo trainer, but started to have problems keeping traction on the fly wheel. So today I bombed down to Halfords to buy the cheapest grippest road tyre there. Will fit it tonight and give it a whirl. To be honest though, I don't think I'm cut out to be a turbo trainer type person - its just so boring. Ryan's got a good post on it here.

While I was in Halfords I got myself a high vis jacket too. That and the new rear light will make me feel a lot safer on the roads at night.

Tonight I'm out to Glending for a night spin. We've had a good few dry days so it should be in good shape.

Friday I'm still planning on the long spin home from work - but the forecast is not super so I'll play it by ear.

Saturday I'm leading a club spin around 3 Rock.

Might sneak in a few hours on the road bike early on Sunday morning.

Monday is a savage spin to Cloon and back.

Busy bank holiday weekend coming up!

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