Monday, October 27, 2008

Weekend spins

Good weekend of cycling. On Saturday I led a beginners spin around Three Rock which was good craic. We were out for 4 hours or so. Everyone had a good time I think. The only problem we had was with the wind, which was incredible. We were being blasted off the bike every time we got out in the open. At the end my hamstrings were getting fairly tight. Down to the road spin the previous day. The pain was also on the outside of the legs down the IBT Bands. I did a little bit of stretching that evening, but on Sunday the felt worse, so queue more stretching. Kept off the bikes on Sunday.

Monday a group of us headed out to Cloon via 3 Rock, Fairy Castle and Prince Willies. It was a really good spin. Nice and fast, with few stops. It was 40km, with about 29 off road. My legs were still stiff and hurting at times, so more stretching tonight, and I'll keep off the bike tomorrow. I was thinking about taking a break for the rest of the week, but I don't think thats a runner! Will probably do a road spin on Wednesday and play it by ear after that.

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