Friday, March 20, 2009

NPS weekend here!

OK, first race of the season on Sunday! Over the week I've not done a lot. Monday was a tootle, Tuesday was a hard 2 hour off road session and Wednesday was a break. Last night myself and Gene went out to Glending for an hour of a blast which was good craic - and I set a new record for climbing the wall!

Today I just made a few tweaks to the XTC, namely the saddle height and and fore/aft position, setting the angle of the shifters/brakes the way I like and tightening up the pedals.

After that, its just packing up clothes, bottles, energy gels/drinks, toolkit and any spares.

Hitting the road at about 9.30 tomorrow. I'll be updating via Twitter for the rest of the weekend.

Woh hoo!!

1 comment:

Conor said...

Well done man, great race by all accounts. And I used to be faster than you!! I'll have to try harder....

And I've just got home from London, I could have met you for lunch...If you were buying!