Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekly wrap up

Been a bit of an odd week. After all the exertions and travel from the race in Killarney, it was back to normal which consisted of a 5.30am start on Monday to get to the airport. Did not get back to Dublin till after 10pm so no spinning class. Tuesday morning I went on a gentle 1 hour road spin to loosen up the muscles and shake the bike down for the weekends race. I considered doing training on Wednesday and Thursday but I found lots of reasons not too.

Finally got back on track on Thursday - did a fast hour in Glending which was fun - will definitely head up there some evening next week to fix up the trails. And tonight I did 1.5 hours of the same thing.

I had considered heading to 3 rock tomorrow, but I'll some non-bike related stuff on so will just save myself for the road race on Sunday.

Still have not decided which race to do - the 60ish km or the 100+ km. A couple of other lads from the club are heading down so I'll see what their plans are.

I've been upgrading the drive train on the Cube during the week also - it was in a pityful state. I've changed the chain and rear cassette, and just waiting on CRC to deliver the new out and middle rings.

Next week normal service will resume - with the added bonus of summer time! So, spinning on Monday, and a couple of evening spins either in Glending or 3 rock.

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