Thursday, March 12, 2009


I feel rung out today. Probably down to me having one day off in the last 7. I was a feeling it yesterday after the cycle home, so I downed a recovery drink. I woke up pretty ok this morning and I was supposed to be lashing about Glending on the mountain bike, but felt drained, so it ended up being an hour of just tapping along, reacquainting myself with roots, drops, and more roots. Downed another SIS recovery drink afterwards.

Hopfully I'll get a good nights sleep tonight as I am cycling into work tomorrow (it would be criminal to not with the weather so nice). I'll take it easy as I can - the laptop on my back should help :)

Saturday I plan on doing a 2 hour fast, spin - which might be on road or off road.

And no change for Sunday - it'll be the Djouce challenge.

I'm keen to get a lot in this weekend and then take it easy next week in the build up to the first race, but I suppose you need to not over do it also. The trick is finding the balance and if anyone can find it, please let me know!

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