Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend roundup

Quite enough really. Friday I cycled in and out of work and luckily avoided all the big showers that were lurking around all day.

Saturday I did a few hours trail building on our new club project. I can't wait to get out there on a bike as the loop has everything - killer climbs, techy bits, swoopy singletrack - the lot.

I was to do the Newbridge GP today, but with gale force winds and blizzards coming through, I thought better (in the end they re-scheduled it to next Saturday). So instead I did a big session on the turbo trainer.

The plan was 10 minute intervals, so 10 minutes at level 6 with a high cadence, and 10 minutes at level 10 out of the saddle (big ring and middle sprocket). I kept it going for 1 hour 25 minutes. It was an interesting work out.The chart shows the seated durations as troughs which ramp up (warms up and downs not recorded). In the first 10 minute stint out of the saddle I could not even get close to the 90%+ max hr range. It was the second in saddle stint that pushed me up. The only thing I can take from that is it looks like I need one serious warm up to get the heart pumping. I'd say 25/30 mins hard cycling. Once I broke the 160bpm barrier, the effort definitely got easier, so thats something else I need to look at.

It was good to get a long TT session in at a high tempo. Its getting closer to race distance and effort - I'm just missing the off road techie stuff. Over the duration of the session I drank 3 litres of water and managed to fog up all the windows in the kitchen :)

So, the plan for this week is:
Monday - spinning class
Tuesday - weather permitting a spin into work
Wednesday - maybe a night spin or TT
Thursday - sit on my ass
Friday - nothing!
Saturday - If the weather is ok, I'll do the Newbridge race
Sunday - Djouce Challenge

If I'm stuck for time over the weekend, I'll just go for the Djouce Challenge on Sunday. While its not a race officially, it is unofficially, so will be good to go head-to-head with people off road for the first time this year.

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