Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Extra long weekend wrap up

OK, I've already talked about The Djouce Trail Challenge, so yesterday I met up with Paul in the morning and showed him around Glending. I think I might have been a bit of a shock to him coming from Oz, in particular the pine needles and roots. But a couple of sessions on that and he'll be fine :) . It was not a training session, just a blast around some nice, dry trails. I'm defo going to head up there some evening next week to work on some of them as the winter has not been kind.

Today I went out early to Glending to get in a race duration to see how I felt. Not too bad as it turned out. I did about 1 hour 40 mins full on, and did not find it too painful. However I made a big boo boo afterwards. I brought 1 bottle with me, and finished that off. I got home and had to get myself together for a family dinner in the afternoon. In the rushing around I forgot to drink again. I had dinner (still no fluids), and then sat in the garden for a couple of hours in the sun. Had a cup of tea.

I got home, had another cup of tea. About 20 minutes later I was not in a good place - and I'll leave the rest to your imagination. Bascially in the space of the 6 hours after an intenstive session, I had 2 cups of tea - a diatretic. Valuable lesson learned there - stay hydrated kids!


Conor said...

Let me know when your heading up to Glending, I'll join you.

Unknown said...

It'll be tomorrow or Friday... probably Friday. I'll drop you txt as soon as I know.

Conor said...

No can do, I'm away in London. I'm free from next wednesday though.