Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Change of plans and the run up to the first race of the season

I suppose if you are really committed to training, reaching goals etc. , you take changes to the training plan in your stride so here we go...

Did the spinning class last night which went well - was a tough one. Tonight I did a quick run cos I felt like it. I was planning on going mountain biking tomorrow, but I've got some stuff on so I'm cycling in and out of work. More stuff messing up my plans on Thursday, and will have to work from home in the afternoon. the only advantage to that is I will get out to Glending a bit earlier in the day.

Friday I'll try to spin into work also.

Saturday was supposed to be the rescheduled Newbridge GP, but they've moved it to June. So I think I'll do a hard road spin out in Wicklow, 4 or 5 hour job, starting about 8am.

Sunday is the Djouce Challenge. I'm still going, but its more about just having a bit of craic now and getting a good hour or 2 on quality trails. I'll still push myself and this with the previous days road work should leave me shattered by the end of the weekend.

My company have been nice enough to give us Monday off - but I'm busy in work these days so may not be able to take it. If I can it'll be a fast spin around Blessington lake - real fast. If not, its spinning.

Tuesday is Paddys day, so off again. There is supposed to be a road race on in North Dublin, so I might do that, but I'll play it by ear.

Then is the count down to the first race of the season - Killarney on the 22nd of March. I might do a hard session on the mountain bike on Wednesday and then just take it easy. I don't think I'm going to be in tip-top condition for the race, but I'll be a damn site more ready for it than I was for my first race last year.


Stephen said...

You're some fecker Close... 'not in tip top condition' By the sounds of it, you're in unreal condition! All this training is scaring me and then for you to say that you still aren't ready?

I give up... ;-)

Unknown said...

Seriously! I think I need to shift another kilo of meself as in a past life and sport I was 75kgs so thats one thing. Next is I've not done a race distance yet and I'd hoped to have a couple sessions like that under the belt by now. The closest I've come so far was the hour and a half session on the TT on Sunday.
And last I've not been off road that much this year really - once a week if I'm lucky - so I'll probably fall over cycling on fireroad!

There ya go - all the reasons why I'm not expecting much in Killarney. Mind you, I won't have any excuses for the second round as its ages away :)

Anyways, sure I could be doing all my training arse-ways and it might not be helping me at all!

Unknown said...

How are ya fixed yerself Steve?