Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Shopping and training

I've been doing a bit of both the last couple of days.
On Tuesday I did a short, fast loop around Naas. Nothing major, just getting the cadence nice and high.
Bought a new jersey and shorts from CRC as no sign of the club gear...

Tonight I did 50km around Kildare. Kilcullen, the Curragh, Kildare town, Newbridge and back to Naas. Its essentially flat, so pretty boring to be honest. You can't beat a killer climb to focus the mind!

Decided to buy some road shoes and pedals, again from CRC. With the mtb shoes and clipless pedals I found my toes going numb after an hour or so on the road bike. Its not a big deal, but is something that gets in the way of trying to pump out a steady pace.

Also decided to just get the bloomin' Turbo trainer. The evenings are shortening and the weather is horrible. I just hope I don't end up jumping on it every time there is any clouds in the sky!

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