Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dum de dum

What the heck do you do talk about if you are not training??? Food of course!

I was browsing wiggle last night and noticed they were doing very good deals on Science In Sport energy and recovery drinks. Now, my stocks are pretty OK right now, but I've not spent a cent on anything bike related this month, so you can't be having that!

I've been a high 5 fan since I started mountain biking, but heard good things about SIS, and in particular Rego, so decided so bought a tub in May since my training had picked up considerably. I have to say its a super recovery drink. The following day after a long spin, you actually would consider doing an equally long spin (a first for me!). Last night I decided to purchase the PSP22 energy drink and Nocté bedtime drink. I'm really interested in Nocté as I am not a great sleeper, so this claims to improve your sleep post-exercise and provide your body with the appropriate proteins for recovery. I'll write a post late next week with my findings :)

With the pre ride on Sat and race on Sunday, I've decided to go on the dry for the next couple of days... well, tonight is my last night of alcohol, and no caffeine until after the race on Sunday. Most training manuals talk about the 24/48 hours before a race, so decided to take it a little more seriously this time.

Was planning on doing a small spin tomorrow, but my girlfriend needs me to drop her to the train station early tomorrow, so might as well take and easy spin work. Will be very lazy and slow.

My calf is feeling much stronger today, I iced it up on Tuesday and I think it helped. I might push it a bit on the 1 (and only) climb to work and see how it reacts. It won't stop me from racing, but might me a good excuse if I come last :)

Absolutely shattered today - worse than yesterday. It has to be down to the all nighter on Monday/Tuesday. Still a good nights sleep tonight should sort me out.

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