Saturday, July 19, 2008

National Champs Pre-Ride

Did a couple of laps of the National Champs course in Kilruddery today. Its nice, real nice! Lots of dry single track, not much climbing, but where there is they are stingers. There's a couple of nice bomb holes also, including this little beauty.

There is also a really nice techie rocky section to master which has you climbing up over a steep rocky piece before dropping down a little and hitting a small rock slab. I managed to get through it without dabbing the second time around and it was very satisfying.

The race is going to be very interesting tomorrow. Apart from the first 200 metres or so, there is no obvious overtaking spots for a good 2km's. This will mean a procession for the first lap, and most likely some narky mountain bikers also :). But that's racing and you'll have to take your chances when they come.
I've had my dinner - Lamb Rogan Josh with boiled rice. And a diluted sports drink. Tomorrow I'll have porridge for breakfast with some toast, some fruit, and a couple of hours before the start of the race, some of that left over rice - if I can stomach it!

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