Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bits and pieces

Been up to a few bits and bob's this week...

Did the work spin on Tuesday on the BeOne. Did it in my quickest time (without wind assistance!), even though I was trying to take it easy - fat chance.

Wednesday evening I went out with a few lads from the club and we hit the trails in 3 rock. It was very humid and I sweated buckets, but was good fun. I always worry about evening spins especially after work. Mentally I can feel very tired, and if you are on the technical stuff that's where problems occur. Physically I felt fine, did a really nice sprint up the long drag fire road, and felt good today too.

Tried out the Nocte on Tuesday and last night. Its a powder drink that you mix with water thats supposed to provide your body with the correct amount of proteins for recovery while also 'stuff' which helps you sleep. It actually looks and tastes like Rego, so you wonder what are its special properties that make you sleep better! Still, on both nights I had a pretty good kip, so will keep using it after big spins. Not too sure if you are supposed to take Rego after the spin, and then Nocte before bed, but I'll try it for a while. Every other night will be the Leffe!

Made some small purchases too. Got myself a pad kit for my Helmet. The current one stinks up a storm once I sweat, and washing them does not help anymore!

Purchase number 2 is a new pair of fingerless gloves. The weather has been pretty humid of late, so the more skin showing the better! These came from wiggle and look the biz - they also are fitting in with my blue theme!

Finally, I got myself the SIS bottle. This is annoying. After buying the Rego I promised I would not fall for buying what I thought were the unnecessary add ons. 'Just use the High 5 scoop for measuring and save a few bob'. So instead I got a power bar shake bottle. What a mistake. Maybe its just me, but I can't close the lid properly. Every time I do I end up with Rego all over the kitchen once I start shaking! It just got to the point this week where I just decided to go with the SIS bottle. It does the measuring and lets you shake to your hearts content.
I've some cycling planned for the weekend. Tomorrow is a spin to work and longish spin home via Sally Gap. Saturday is a long spin with the club from Crone up and around Djouce and onto Ballinastoe maybe - should be fun.

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