Friday, July 4, 2008

Km's under the belt

Since the whole idea of this blog is to document my progression from a weekend mtb'r into (hopefully) a competitive XC racer, I better give you an idea on my training history to date.
The data starts in April 2007 cos that's when I bought my Garmin. Basically it shows me doing not very much for most of last year - apart from July when I was training for the Ballyhoura Blitz. So training really only kicked off properly in April (lots of road work). January to March I had increased distance but it was essentially the Specialized fsr on the road. The training done between April and June have made a huge difference in my fitness - both aerobically and anaerobically and if I make it to the race on Sunday it should show through. The split between on road and off road is about 80:20.

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