Monday, December 15, 2008

Road spin tonight

Did the usual road spin around Naas this evening. Had 4 intervals. All between 1 and 2 minutes @ 90% MAX HR. Felt really good after them which I put down to having a decent lunch today! If the weather holds up, we'll head out tomorrow and go for 4 X 4 min intervals @ 80% and see how we're fixed.

The good news is I feel pretty good after my 115ish Km spin yesterday. Defo think it was down to me tapping along most of the route. The next long road spin will be Saturday. Before then, there will be another road session tomorrow weather permitting, an mtb spin on Wed, and possibly a cycle to work on Friday.


Unknown said...

only 4 intervals ? You're letting things slip a bit Richie!!

Unknown said...

Training tip Cormac - you start small and build up :)
Did'nt do it in the end. Spent the evening taking the forks off and putting them back on the Giant and Cube. 3 Rock will be fun tonight though.