Tuesday, December 2, 2008

cold, sooo cold

Went on a road spin with Gene last night - it was so cold I seriously considered turning around after about 3km's. I could not feel my fingers it was that bad. But Gene egged me on, and after about 20 mins and a few sprints, I could feel the digits again. I was not a very enjoyable spin after that either as it was the first in over a week, and I just did not feel I had the usual spring, plus Gene bet me on the sprint - can't be having that :)

I was going to cycle into work today, but slept in. Going to head out again tonight, either on the road or Glending (I think I'd prefer Glending as have not been on a mountain bike in about 3 weeks).

Wednesday is a night spin with the club - bit worried about that as I'm a bit rusty on the mountain bike and expect to be falling over quite a bit.

I've got a couple of days off coming up, so planning big road spin on Friday and Monday. Saturday is the club champs, and Sunday I'll be recovering from a hangover :)

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