Thursday, December 11, 2008

The weeks spins so far

Tuesday was limited by the weather again. The plan was a long road spin, but a bad frost made cycling on skinny tyres a bit of a lottery. So we decided to mountain bike over to Glending. however when we got there we noticed some on the chute someone had placed 4 big wooden posts halfway down - with nails sticking out for good measure. This might be just more deterrents for the MX'rs, but they are a recent arrival, so they might be meant for us too. Will get in touch with a few locals and see what the story is.
So feeling unwelcome we decided to do some exploring on the far side of the lake, heading towards Kilbride and Ballysmuttan. There was one potential forest, which had been thinned out. It had steep sections, flat sections, seriously rocky sections - everything you'd need for free ride, downhill and even xc. The only problem I could see what there was only 1 fire road which did not bring you even close to the top, so from a DH point of view, that meant no up lifts. Still, might be worth investigating further. There is another spot on the Gap road just further on from Ballysmuttan which has fireroads laid down on the side of a big hill (I think its Black Mountain - need to check) which could have potential too. Might take a spin up there over Christmas.
After that we tootled back to Naas. Was a handy enough pace all the way, so it would be a stretch to call it training, but better than nothing.
Yesterday evening a bunch of us from the club had an high tempo xc spin up around 3 Rock. It was a great evenings blast. Everyone was pushing the pace, so it really felt like a proper session.
My hamstring was still acting up (along with my hip for some reason). But when I got home I spent some time stretching which helped a lot. So in the future all spins will end up with me sitting on the floor contorting myself :)
Tonight is a road spin. These are usually an hour in length, but from next week, they will be going up to 2 hours. Tonight I have to decorate the tree!

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