Wednesday, December 17, 2008

3 rock night spin

Great spin up in 3 rock tonight with the club. A night of savageness from start to finish! Its great to head out with a group who are that bit faster than you as it means you are pushing yourself harder than you would when out alone. And that's what happened tonight. There was a brisk pace up to Ticknock and it went up a notch on the way to the ariel's. My heart rate returns to normal quite quickly on the usual sessions, but tonight it refused to drop below 100 bpm even after a couple of mins stopped! I'm taking that as a good sign (but my doctor my thing otherwise) :)

Also, just got the news that the K-capital is not till mid-summer. So the NPS is happening first, starting at the end of April! So 4 more months without racing! This also means the training will need to be knocked on the head till the end of Jan or so. But I'll be keeping an eye on races up north and in England happening in Spring.

It also means that some upgrades for the new bike that I was putting off will probably be done by the time serious racing starts. More on that in another post.

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