Sunday, November 30, 2008

Week round up

Zero update really. It was work all week, with little time for anything else. I did manage to cycle to work one day, but the trip home, late at night and in the rain was not very enjoyable. Hopefully this week things will ease up this week and I can get some spins in and out of work.
I've not been on the mountain bike in 3 weeks now, so I'm keen to get a night spin in this week also if possible. With the club champs on this Saturday, need to get the feel for cyling off road quick!

I did manage to do some work on the new bike. Changed the bar and post, got the crank on and brakes. All thats left is the 180mm rotor which should arrive in a day or two. Once its fitted I'll drop the bike into the cyclesuperstore to get some bits and pieces I don't want to or can't do.

Almost came off the BeOne on the way into work on Wednesday. Hit a bit of ice on a roundabout. Then I realised its time up upgrade the tires. I got 4 Maxxis Detonators. They come with more on grooves and grips so I'll feel a little more confident on the wet stuff. A nice plus is that they come in a shade of blue that perfectly matches my bar tape - happy days :)

Plan for week:
Cycle to work on Tuesday, night spin Wed, spin to work on Thur and Fri also if possible.

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