Saturday, January 17, 2009

Week wrap up

Tuesday - Turbo trainer. Spent 45 minutes doing a Tacx interval session. Was bloody hard.
Wednesday - Myself and Graham went up to Ticknock for a few hours. The weather was terrible, but we got a few good runs in.
Thursday - Went to acupuncture, with ended up being a physio session on my shoulder and IT band. The physio used Tui na which is a Chinese physio - hardcore. They take no prisoners - its full on pain and she said it had to be toned down for Ireland! My shoulder feels a lot better, but needs more work. The IT band may be a problem. The Physio seems to thing I've an alignment problem with my hips, so the Tui na might work, but if not its a session or 2 with an osteopath. I'll have to get it sorted as it will impact any training I do (as soon as I feel the band tightening up, I ease off).
Friday - Spin around Naas with Gene. Grand and handy, plus bet him on the sprint :)
Saturday - I spent a couple of hours with a gang clearing up XTC in Djouce. The fellers were in and had done a bit of damage, but nothing major. Afterwards I did an hour at Ticknock before the storm hit.
Sunday - which is tomorrow is the duathlon (if it goes ahead, the weather is terrible right now). I'll throw up a post on that tomorrow if it happens.

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