Sunday, January 11, 2009

Training plans

Been thinking about my training plan in more detail over the past couple of days. My main goal is to be as prepared as possible for the first NPS at the end of April. So that gives me 15 weeks to play week - plenty of time to get where I want to be, now all I need is the will power, semi-decent weather, not too many late nights in work and lack of injuries :)

First off is the endurance bit - getting the base miles in. This really started for me at the xmas break. I'm aiming to get between 750 and 1000km's under my belt in January and February. During this time I'll also be working doing 2 hour high tempo road spins during the week (that means evenings cycling around Naas in the dark), and the mid-week fast mtb spin.

In March I'll be doing less of the long road sessions and replacing them with high tempo 2 hour mtb spins - kinda replicating the races. These will be once a week non-stop full on spins on a small loop. I will also be doing some anerobic sessions on the mountain bike or turbo trainer.

Towards the end of March and early April, the endurance spins will be finished with and I'll be focusing more on the anerobic side of things and also getting the into the technical mountian bike spins.

So there you go. It does not look like much when you write it up in a few paragraphs, but it'll be a lot of work. 10+ hours a week easily, and hopfully it'll give me some decent results during the summer.


Conor said...

Are you laeving any time for sleep? Food? Best of luck all the same.

Unknown said...

Sleeping is for losers! There's lots of ifs, maybes and hopefullys in there - if everything goes well I'll be doing 10 hours a week, but it'll be a bit less otherwise. I'll make the best use of the time I will have though.

Unknown said...

Fair play to you Richie, that's some plan. However I found this on MTBIreland.

PS Round 1 Killarney CC
Sunday, Mar 22, 2009
Rossacrue Woods, Kilgarvan, Co. Kerry

NPS Round 2 CuChulainn
Sunday, May 3, 2009

XC NPS Round 3 Team Madigan
Sunday, May 24, 2009

XC NPS Round 4 Banbridge CC
Sunday, May 31, 2009
Castlewellan, Co. Down

Sunday, Jun 14, 2009
Co Dublin

XC NPS Round 6 Epic MTB
Sunday, Jul 12, 2009
Djouce Woods

The first NPS is a lot sooner than you think.

Unknown said...

Yeah, saw that on :) Not sure the round 1 date is confirmed yet though.