Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Training update

Missed the mtb spin tonight, so when I got home did 30 mins on the TT. Basically, it was a 10 min warm up then 3 minutes flat out and 1 minute rest. Flat out means resistence set to 5 or 6 and keeping the speed at around 40 kph. Tough going but easier than Monday night session. Starting to get the hang of it I think.

Last night was a spin around the town with Gene. Faster than last week, but I'm keen to break the 60 minutes for the 30 and a bit Kilometers.

Tomorrow is physio, and Friday - if the weather holds up - I'll cycle to work.

I've a busy weekend so limited time on the bike. Saturday will be a fast 2 hours on the mtb around 3 Rock. It won't be flat out, but there won't be any stops. Sunday I'll try to get up early and put in 4 odd hours on the road bike.

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