Friday, January 30, 2009

Purchases and spins

Starting to get into a nice training routine. Mondays/Tuesday road or TT, Wednesday night spin with Club, Thurs physio (but almost finished), and Friday rest before weekend madness.

Starting to get the hang of the TT now. The intervals are getting better, 2 mins on 1 off, next week it'll be 3 mins on 1 off. Night spins are going well, but we'll need to have less yakking and more grunting (yeah, you know who you are!) in the coming weeks (first race at the end of March). Road spins are increasing in tempo nicely.

Physio is almost finished - I've a small book of exercises for my leg and shoulder. They hurt, but I'm seeing great progress. Last year my biggest problem during races and training was the IT band. It always slowed me down (for fear for damaging something permanently), but that problem is gradually fading away, so its full steam ahead.

I've bought a new road bike. It's the 09 version of my current bike - Giant TCR Alliance 0. OK, its not the lightest bike, or the sexiest, but I like them and feel comfortable on them. I'm picking it up on Thursday.2009 edition
2007 edition - spot the difference

I still have to stick up a post on the new XC bike - Giant XTC Carbon. Its been sitting in the shed for the past 3 months (pumped up the wheels last week). I might bring it out on its maiden spin soon.

The weather is looking awful for the weekend. But will try to get out on the road tomorrow. If not it will be the TT. Sunday is looking better weather-wise, so will head out on club spin to Djouce. Might get there early for a quick blast before the rest turn up though.

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