Saturday, January 31, 2009

saturday - non event

Over the course of the past few days I had a feeling I might be coming down with a cold - and today proved me right unfortunately. Head cold and sore throat. I had planned on going for a road spin with Paul today, but with the crappy weather and the cold, we kicked that into touch.

We did take a look at some road races coming up, and are going for the Des Hanlon Memorial organised by Carlow Cycling Club. I know most of the route as it passes quite close to the homestead. The roads are quite good and some nice climbs in there also. So really looking forward to it, mainly because it will be my first road race! Here's the loop:

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I also took my Garmin bits and pedals off my old Alliance as it will be going to a new home in the next couple of week. Plus I'll be adding them to my new Alliance next week.

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