Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wet Saturday Spins

Led the beginners spin out to Djouce today. We got 6 hardy souls out braving the weather. Barry, Liam, Ollie, Ash and (new) Paddy. Funny, you can only get so wet - after that you're grand! Did the NPS course. Its holding up well (if you don't mind the small lakes on xtc). The drops however are well dodge. The entrance to the mini DH section has a small river running through it and if the rain keeps coming it'll just end up being an unridable gulley. Apart from that it was all good fun. And a plus of going for a spin in the rain is there's very little cleaning on of the bike!

The ribs that got a battering in the Djouce NPS last week are hurting a little after the spin - sneezing is a problem :) I won't be back on the Cube till Wednesday at the earliest, so fingers crossed it will improve before then.

Stopped raining now, and looking okish for tomorrow, so hopefully I can get a good 100km in on the road bike...

Got the rear wheel of the Giant back too, so the Be One can return to its commuting duties.

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