Thursday, June 26, 2008

Big weekend of road cycling ahead

With the ribs a bit tender still, and a week to the Tymon Park NPS, time to go nuts on the road!

Weather permitting)
Tomorrow I'm cycling into work on the Giant, then taking the secenic (and hilly) route home via Laragh. Will be in the region of 110kms.

Early on Sat I hope to do another 100ish km, this time on the flat, heading towards South Kildare.

And more of the same on Sunday - may just do the spin around Blessington Lake, or go a little further afield and take on the wicklow gap, and back around by the Sally gap.

That would bring this months total distance to about 900km. Its about the same as last month. But I would like to break the 1000km if I could!

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