Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sunday spin

Gale force winds, driving rain - perfect cycling weather! Held off till early evening for my spin in the hope the wind would die down a little - which it did but not by much. I decided a spin up the Wicklow Mountains would be painful with the wind and rain, so went south west on the Giant. Had the head wind to Kildare town - that was tough. I had planned on going to Monsterevin - another 10km further on from Kildare, but the wind was just too much, so I turned east and passed through Nurney, and on to Ballitore.

Managed to avoid most of the showers till I got to Dunlavin where the heavens opened up and had me scrambling for the biggest tree to shelter under for 5 mins or so. After that is was a nice 20 km - with a tail wind, back to Naas - sweet. The road quality varied, from really nice between Naas and Kildare, to crap between Kildare and Nurney.

Time - 2:47
Distance - 76km
Total Climb - 155 metres (in other words, flat as a pancake!)

I've a busy week coming up in work and at home, but I want to cycle into work for 3 of those days. If for nothing else to save diesel - bloody expensive these days.!

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