Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Nice spin to work, crappy day at work, crappy spin home

Sun was shining this morning and I managed to get myself into my gear and cycle to work. The ribs are still at me, but does not hurt as much on the road bike. I'm hoping they are just bruised.

Crappy day in work - less said the better, and pet emergency during the day, which meant I had to get home fast as I could in order to get the cat to the vet. With a real nasty head wind I decided to just head down the N7 instead of taking the usual back roads. Won't be doing it again though. There are points on the road where even when you are right in at the edge of the hard shoulder you still have cars on top of you. And the bloody wind!!

Made it home in 50 mins, 5 mins slower than the way in, but thats probably down to the wind.
Still, its another 45 kms done and I guess they all count.

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