Friday, April 23, 2010

Holidays (and a little racing)

It been a quite week. I made a conscious decision to do less biking as between lack of sleep and a lot of cycling to work and mtb spins, I was shagged. That said I had planned to go out to Slade on Saturday but after getting up at 5am with the young fella I was not fit for much.

I did make it out to Slade for an hour on Sunday morning though. Did a few laps on a very dry NPS course. Sunday was non riding and Monday I managed to cycle into work, but took it very easy. I skipped the spinning class on Tuesday as part of my taking it easy plan, and Wednesday was a gentle road spin for 40 mins around Naas.

Nothing done either Thursday or today. I don't necessarily feel full of beans by not cycling, but I don't feel any worse for it either, so its worth taking the odd break I think.

Tomorrow will be spent driving the clan down to Baltimore, West Cork where we'll be on holiday for a week. I'll drive up Sunday morning to Killarney for the NPS which should be fun. Then back down for a week of rest and relaxation. I'll have the mountain bike and road bike, so if I feel like it and the weather is good, I'll do a couple of quick spins, but the main plan is to just relax with the family.

Won't be doing much updating of the blog either as the nearest internet connection is in Skibbereen!

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