Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Training log

Right, after the race on Sunday, I took Monday off as fancied a rest. I'd been doing quite a bit over the past few weeks and the legs felt very tired. So Tuesday was spinning class which was the toughest one ever. Different instructor and just meself and 1 other guy in the class so we were pushed hard all the way. And right at the end just as we were easing off he throws me 2 dumb bells to hold up in the air for 2 mins while spinning at high resistance! I was shattered. So took Wednesday off too :)

I cycled into work on Thursday, but went the easy route. As we both had Friday off Oisin dropped down and we went out on a spin to Glending. The weather was poor, cold and snowy, but we made the most of the trails and Oisin enjoyed himself. Rain started to fall as we figured out our next move. I was thinking home, but Oisin was keen to head over to Slade. So we decided to chance cycling over. The pace on the road was brisk to say the least, but we made it up there. At this stage the rain was bucketing down, hands and feet had lost feeling and we were cycling on snowy trails - not exactly fun. We met a couple of IMBRC lads working on the trails for the NPS race, but couldn't hang around long as we were freezing. We did get in some of the next sections of trail specially built for the NPS, but getting home and thawing out was the priority, so a blast down the hill and the fastest route back to my gaff to dry off and get some food.

It was probably the most miserable spin I've had in years, the wet and cold just sapped all will to keep cycling. But was a good old workout all the same.

Saturday – sitting on my ass and bike cleaning / maintenance

Sunday – Decided to give my hill climb a proper go with the Giant and without the backpack. Up until now my best time was 17:26 during one of my spins into work so I was curious to see was the difference would be. In the end it was considerable - 15:13 is now my best time!

Monday – Sneak spin up in Slade for an hour to try out the new sections of single track – yummy!

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