Saturday, August 9, 2008

Rain, Rain, Rain

An insane amount of rain fell today. Floods everywhere. I had not planned on doing any cycling today thankfully, but I'm worried that some of the Kildare 100 route will be under water. Will know tomorrow.
On Thursday night myself and Gene went back to Glending (avoiding bees this time). We got a good 2 hour spin in - nothing too hectic. We found another single track section with huge potential. I can't get over how I never came across these routes in the past 2 years of heading up there! After the Kildare 100 I'll try to drop up to do some tidying on some of the trails, and will try to get up there later on in the week when I'm taking it easy prior to the 6th and final round of the NPS.
Got the Giant's front wheel back also - nice and straight. It had a couple of minor buckles, but decided to get them all trued up for the Kildare 100. Went out for a quick road spin to test the bike - everything working as expected. Afterwards I decided to play around with saddle height and position on the Cube. Its something that I've always found difficult to get right. So after a lot of adjustments, I found what I think is my correct positioning - which was the saddle a good inch higher and another inch more forward on the bike! Will give it a test run in Glending early next week to check its ok.

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