Sunday, August 17, 2008

Catch up

Not written a post in a few days as not much has been happening...

I was taking it easy in the build up to the Castlewellan round of the NPS. I was just out on Thursday up in Glending for a nice spin. The plan for the weekend was to head up to Cavan for Friday and Saturday, then a shortish drive up to Castlewellan for the last race of the year.

Unfortunately the elements really kicked up on Saturday, to such an extent that the race was cancelled. I was disappointed as felt pretty good, and had been eating lots! But with the amount of rain falling it just was not safe to run. So got home today and had planned on headed out but felt a bit tired so instead I did a bit of trail work in Glending.

Tomorrow - weather permitting of course - I want to get in a long spin on the road - 100+ KM's. Then a couple of short mtb spins during the week and then the Marthon Champs next Sunday - can't wait!

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